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Full text of "Mathura A District Memoir"

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^rakra i%ifi n t u

M l& IPI ^W SfW ^EfTO" B

W3R 5 W TO

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^rif    fwr ^w % rt* 

5R snrt wit writ


i.   EritthzmsaTstoUdlio:   Ask & e* If she will come.   She set the Aortf* on *3m fl tb ftn
thing & i^e ersning and will slip oufc at midnigrlit.
g.   Ja&% then :jcye$i Mj ttii&rL   ?<m wiU lie put to shame.
S,   Dilgtri, addneis.
.   Whethw ytm rfv* or whetner voa ifnae.
?,   Jpoi *p*i jan* la psjras %wo aad swo - ttorckataff, ox saMdica*?, & Jn^.^^p   O^or, ajar